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In line with our three main goals we are taking action to pressure the government, pressure the university and raise awareness. Find out more about each of these!

As it is one of our core goals to get human rights due diligence in supply chains  on the legislative agenda, we have started pressuring our representatives both in Scottish Parliament and Westminster. We are still in the beginning but already had a letter writing action and called them out on live TV. Find out more in this section! 

EU and British Flag

Direct impact starts at the front door. While we raise awareness among students, we also believe that the University has a responsibility to increase its ethical procurement. Even though it is Fairtrade certified, the university is neither certified at the highest level, nor did it stop selling unethical products with potential child labour involvement. We started to build pressure on the university by getting the support of the Edinburgh University Students' Association through a student motion as well as an open letter. Get more details in this section!

Conference Crowd

Many people are unaware that they finance continuous human rights violations in supply chains through their purchases. That's why a huge part of our work focuses on raising awareness among students so they can both change their consumption behaviour and help us pressure the government. So far, we organized a panel discussion on child labour in chocolate in collaboration with other societies, ran a Valentine's Day campaign online and on campus, and published articles. Find more information in this section!

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