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Pressuring the University

Direct impact starts at the front door. While we raise awareness among students, we also believe that the university has a responsibility to increase its ethical procurement. Even though it is Fair-trade certified, the university is neither certified at the highest level, nor has it stopped selling unethical products with potential child labour involvement. We are starting to build pressure on the university by getting the support of the Edinburgh University Students' Association through a student motion, as well as an open letter. Get more details in this section!


March 2022

Open Letter

Beginning in Easter and re-launching this September we have written an open letter to the University of Edinburgh calling on them to fully uphold their commitments to fair trade. Did you know that despite being a certified Fair-trade University, much of the chocolate sold in our cafes and shops come from brands with unethical practices? Through student and society petition, we aim to work together to ensure all university-sold chocolate products are child labour free and fair!

January 2022

EUSA Motion

In January 2022, we submitted a motion to the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA). While the motion partly addressed the financing of our Valentine's Day Campaign, it also requested EUSA's continuous support for increased corporate accountability regarding human rights abuses in supply chains. This is especially relevant in EUSA's relationship to the university. A public statement condemning child labour in the chocolate industry has been realized. We will continue to work together with EUSA to build pressure against unethical procurement practices at the University.

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