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Influencing the Goverment

As it is one of our core goals to get legislation passed for due diligence in supply chains, we are calling on our representatives both in Scottish Parliament and Westminster. Change is still in the early stages, but we have already held a letter-writing action session, chatted to MPs, and called governmental practices out on live TV. Find out more in this section! 

17th August 2022

Meeting with Ian Murray MP

We met with Ian Murray, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, for a fantastic discussion on the Business, Human Rights and Environment Bill being drafted by the Corporate Justice Coalition. We had a productive discussion on the importance of protecting human rights and the environment in business supply chains, and were pleased to welcome his support and advice for the Bill that will tackle these issues and benefit UK businesses across the board.

Image Credit © UK Parliament on Flikr


25th June 2022

Motion presented by SCJ at the Amnesty International Annual General Meeting

Luise, SCJ's director, presented our motion which requires AIUK to campaign against Human Rights violations in corporate  supply chains by taking steps to promote the issue to the general public by developing a campaign and associated materials targeted to help the people better comprehend this issue. The motion AIUK is further required to reach out to MPs across the UK and lobby for legislation mandating corporations to conduct human rights due diligence in their supply chains. Our motion passed with an astounding 98.91% votes in its favour!

16th June 2022

Meeting with Christine Jardine MP

We met with the MP for Edinburgh West, Liberal Democrat Christine Jardine, to ask her to support the Business, Human Rights and Environment Bill proposed by the Corporate Justice Coalition. After we explained how the current lack of legislation in the UK disadvantages responsible businesses, she agreed to support the issue once it is raised in Parliament and suggested that it will receive positive responses across the party.

Hand Writing

29th March 2022

Letter Writing Session

On the 29th of March, we led a meeting for UoE Amnesty International Society in which we wrote letters and emails to our MPs asking them to support a new Business, Human Rights and Environment Bill. This Bill has been proposed by Amnesty and partners like the Corporate Justice Coalition and will aim to prevent human rights violations and environmental damage, requiring companies to undertake due diligence actions to ensure they are held accountable if they fail to prevent injustices within their supply chains. Find out more about the petition (for UK residents), your MP's details so you can write to them, and template letters.

23rd February 2022

BBC Debate Night

Everybody is welcome to apply to being an audience member at BBC Scotland Debate Night. The programme invites local politicians, Members of the Scottish Parliament and other important members of the community to debate current issues. Suravi and Luise were audience members in Edinburgh on the 23rd of February and Suravi was able to call out the Scottish Government on their procurement process on windmills. A multi-million contract went to companies, which are known for their bad human rights record. For more information 

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