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Hello! We are Supply Chain Justice, a student-run working group based at the University of Edinburgh. Founded in November 2021, it is our mission to tackle human rights injustices in business supply chains such as unfair pay, forced child labour, slavery, and unsafe working conditions. Many of these go completely unknown to the everyday consumer, which is why we campaign for awareness and action around the injustices taking place within the supply chains of many well-known businesses.


Our current focus is on the supply chain of the chocolate industry, which is sadly notorious for the use of forced child labour in some of the worst working conditions possible.

Our vision is to live in a world where the goods we purchase do not cause or contribute to human rights violations in production - and are not linked to them in the value chain.


For the UK government to adopt an effective Human Rights Due Diligence Act.

For the University of Edinburgh to abandon non-ethical products in their shops.


To raise awareness of human rights issues in production across the UK by creating a joint campaign with other universities. 

Meet The Team

Our Alumni

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Luise Schroter (she/her)
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Andreia Sofia (she/her)
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Ally Songuler (she/her)

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Susi Latham (she/her)
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Sioned Ellis (she/her)
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Suravi Sarawgi (she/her)
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